5678Community is made with the idea of new approach to dance which gathers dance fans and experts in this field from all over the region.

5678 Festival is intended for junior and senior dancers, and those who are at the beginning of their careers. People who influenced in their creation and still do,scouts of the talented people,enthusiasts who followed and encouraged them,as well as those who only want to become part of this world.

Our festival’s goal is to raise the art of dancing on the higher level,by visiting the world’s greatest competitions,festivals and these kind of happenings in general. We have decided to create something new on the Balkans. We are determined to make this festival inevitable station for all the dancers who want to become a part of the world’s dance scene. That is why one of the 5678 Community goals is to connect all dancers. We want to contribute to the movement of young people in our country but in the region as well,to educate,to inspire and to steer young and talented people. Through dancing we encourage peace,tolerance and spirit of competition,friendships between other teams and other countries.

We don’t want 5678 to be just a competition we want it to become more than that-a unique dancing experience. In the competition part the greatest experts of this field will judge. We are preparing valuable money and other prizes ,there is a possibility of getting a scholarship for some other country or being noticed by a scout from some famous agency.

We celebrate all dance styles and movement of youg people from all over the world.

Dancing is a common language for all of us. Everybody dances and everything dances. We want everybody to express themselves through movement,so movement is what we make!

Dance events that we organize are becoming inevitable destination for all people who are connected with dancing in any way. No matter the different dance styles we succeded to make a unique dance community which is becoming more and more numerous from festival to festival. Until now we organized several of our competitions in some bigger cities.-Belgrade (Sava Centre, Kombank Hall) Vrsac (SC Millenium) Novi Sad (SC Spens) Herceg Novi (SC Igalo) Budva(SC Budva) Arandjelovac (SC Sumadija) Sremski Karlovci (Gymnasium) Palic (Summer outdoor stage)

We are especially proud of the fact that we organize additional educations once a year for dance clubs from smaller cities in the form of seminars of famous dance educators in their city.


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°5678 is what is common to all dancers