5678 is community founded it on an idea on a new approach to the dance ,which gather the admires of the dance, world wide and the experts in this field.The first event of this community will be 5678 FESTIVAL which will be held in 24. And 25. Novembar in Sava Center, in Belgrade.

Festiva 5678 is adressed to younger and older and young and old dancers to those who are at the beginnig at their professional path to the people have influenced and the who influence to their creation to those who discover talented people to enthusiasts,who followed, cheered and to those who just now wish to be a part of this world.The goal the festival is to raise the art of the dance on the higher level.Visiting ,participating the biggest world competitions festival and generally ,this kind of events .We decided to create something similar in Belgrade as well. We wish to bring the world of the dance in Serbia.When we say the world of the dance, that doesn’t include only dancers, instructors and choreographers,but include also the famous scouts and all the admires in general.We decided to our festival to become inevitable point to all the dancers who wish to be the part of world scene.But also one of the goal 5678 community is networking between all the dancers of the world .We wish to contribute movement of the young here, but also all region to educate, inspire and direct young talented people. We promote piece and tolerance through dance competitive spirit nice gathering all teams and countries.

We don’t want the 5678 community to be just competiton ,we wish the 5678 to be more than that the unique dance experience in the competitive part. The judgement will be brought by greatest experts of this field . We prepare valuable monetary and commodity awards and opportunity to gets sholarship to go abroad or to be seen by scout by famous agencies..

We promise pleasant stay and commodity to all guests of our town and last but the least important there are the non competitive activities which will be offer to the competitors . For dancers we prepared CHILL OUT AREA - the Warm up area where they can calmly worm up for their perfomances. When they find their free time ,there is a PRO PHOTO mini studio for a professional photography.Who is interested in the research movement - there is Dance Lab with Isidora Stanisic.

In both days will be set up “ The Fair of the dance equipment” where you can buy everything that is necessary for a world of dance and a lot more.

We celebrate all dance styles in this two, incredible days. We celebrate the movement of young people all around the world.



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°All 4 dancers
°5678 is what is common to all dancers